Vous êtes à votre place là ou vous êtes

You are at the right place where you are

Le 24/07/14

You are at the right place where you are. At the Heart of your Life. At the Heart of the Worlds. At the Heart of your Responsibility towards Totality. At the Heart of Beingness. First, as a spectator, then as a latent actor; later co-actor to finally act as a co-creator and create with the Divine, therefore contributing to the emergence of the Sacred Energies on every plane.
The necessity to know the different planes of manifestation falls to you so that the veils of comprehension and concordance give access to the Universal Unlimited.
Then, you will be able to grasp the ONEtangible –The One who inseminates Life with Gifts that we must reveal through our work linked to these reunions.

Life for Life. What is it?
The Revelation of the Jewel can be found in each centre, at the centre of everything, beyond ourselves, since there is only one Life. Through this alignment, we are the Whole with no distinction, working for the Work.
That way, in connection with your Being, connected to your Monad, you invoke the Planetary Star to merge into the New Group of World Servers. Remain here, still, wait silently, observe and no longer make any distinction between you and the Whole.
The more the group alignment is maintained, the more you will find your place here, where you are, at the Heart of Life, at the Heart of the Universes, at the Heart of our common responsibility, at the Heart the Universal Beingness.

What is Beingness?

It is the Beauty of the process revealing the ONE at the Heart of Life, the ONE in All which realises itself as God walking on Earth, in Matter. The Divine Man. The Divine embracing all the planes of manifestation, for man will have had the Will to grow as such, sweeping away the need to belong, the need for desire and recognition, to disclose in him his deep connection with the Absolute.

What does Absolute represent?

The One about Whom naught may be said, for It is evermore Universal Principle, without Attributes and Limitless.Yet we aspire to that, for Beingness stems from His Absoluteness Abstraction.
To grasp the Ideal of Beingness by projecting forward into the Abstraction of Life to understand the Universal Principle which influences every plane when man has released his physical, astral and mental worlds.
The Planetary Star is a perfect and etheric concrete expression of the comprehension of an Absolute Idea which has become Ideal, revealing the Power of the One Life.
This is where we work for the Universal.

Received by Catherine Janvier on 24 July 2014,
Translated by Yoann Vidor.


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