Behind the word LIFE


Behind the word LIFE hide all the Worlds, which reveal themselves through multiple experiences.
I like to think that in you, in the comprehension of this word, lies the deep significance of Unity.
The beauty of experience of the different cycles brings us from the extremity to the centre, from the ego to the SELF, and invites us to take the plunge in the Universal Structure where the United-diversity thrives, where the ONE parables with the All, in the form of reconnection to the dimension of limitless Beingness.
Our materialistic societies with limited values must be revisited with the Universal Laws of the Absolute in order to bring them this new Spirit which will allow each being to take actions with Life’s consciousness.
I would like to share with you the beauty of what hides in this word. There are Devic Multitudes through the voices of which the ONE can sing. These Great Essences of Life originate from the Absoluteness and are THOSE, BEAUTIFUL, who grace the Universal Life. It’s the Etheric Double, the Part in yourself that you ought to Unite with through Purity of Intention for the Revelation of the real Meaning of Life.
I like to think that these words will make you reflect on the need to work together to reveal and to initiate a process of renunciation to all that is not directly linked to this Life-Energy-Vibration.
Through this involvement on a greater scale and not on a personal level anymore, you are clearing layers and restoring the circulation of what has still to be awakened within the Whole.
I bring with me all the Vibration of the Universal Beings who have a special concordance with Earth and who come under the same harmonic note to assist in the Sacralisation of the planet and in the union of an entire solar system.
Life is ONE and exists in all parts of the universes.
Life is manifested and Non-manifested.
Life is the Whole and Nothingness.
Life IS and steams from the Absolute.
You must become this consciousness in order to act with the Universal.
With this perspective, you will be receptive to the Living Energies and to the Energies of Life.
(received by Catherine Janvier; translated by Yoann Vidor)

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