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The Planetary Star’s function

Message pour le Terre amour sérénité20/07/14

The Planetary Star’s function is the Dharmic Service. Its servers go forth willingly and fully accept their divine role on Earth. They stand in the Vision of the Goal to be achieved in the purest detachment. They radiate without highlighting it. They are active in Matter because they appreciate the balance they must keep and the need to work in It to elevate it to Heaven. Continue reading

Today, Planet Earth


Today, Planet Earth -referred to as “Planetary Star”- has messengers who can send you invitations to join us in a collective effort leading humanity on the footsteps of its inner convictions. There is no question that each one must follow their own path in order to eventually understand it. Therefore, we do not wish with my Brothers to carry you or to convince you individually, through our words and texts. If you are here with us, we believe that you have already understood this. Continue reading