Dear Angels of the Earth, my name is Jupiter


Dear Angels of the Earth,

 My name is Jupiter- but you also know me as Zeus. Since eons, I have been able to love you and guide you through your fields of experience in Planet Earth Matrix. You have thrived and taken responsibility for life experiences that have brought you today to garner diversified knowledge and skills.

However, the transition from the man with concrete consciousness to the man with divine consciousness is being prepared. For this to happen, each one is called upon by their soul and must consent to surpassing oneself, or not. What we call surpassing oneself is the conscious evolution of a work in Unity, for your greatest ordeal is to love one another.

Look inside your heart, where the source is.

People of the Earth, you are not paying heed to the signs; you are not paying respect to the Divine Orders of Love. Therefore, I am giving you the first four basic rules to follow in all circumstances, so that I may guide you as best as I can:

1) each being on Earth is my brother;

2) each being on Earth helps me love in a more conscious way our Mother Earth;

3) each being is both a part of the Whole and therefore a part of myself;

4) each being is necessary for our overall development, for it is United that you will initiate the Ascension Process.

Earth as a whole is going to grow and ascend. Not just a number of humans. All of them –including the kingdoms that belong to our Planet and to the Whole: the mineral kingdom, the vegetal kingdom, the animal kingdom, the human kingdom, but also the Devas kingdom, beings that few amongst you have had the opportunity to meet.

My brothers, my children, my angels, we will meet again but I would like my words to be heard and understood, and that each ONE of you get to the bottom of my messages, for it is not the act of reading that will bring you light but rather the act of “Radiating” this knowledge.

With all my Love,

JUPITER, Father of Fathers of the Earth.

Received by Côme Shelvène; translated by Yoann Vidor.

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