It is an ongoing effort…


It is an ongoing effort to make the Vision of Unity become the Vision of an Innocuousness Inspired by Life Itself.

 He who allies with this Resonance reveals the Recovery by Contacts points, Endless Meridians where hot needs cold to combine at exact temperature. Look at any Structure identifying between them. Same Laws, Same Chords, same Balance to establish the unavoidable ONE bonding Love.

So why is it so impenetrable, so hard?

We ought to be invulnerable as ONE to ourselves in our Vigilance to understand that radiating has to do with Synthesis and Unity. This is what in the Universal is called the Yoga of Synthesis. We set off from one point to go to another. When consciousness allows us to integrate the way of shadow and light with the help of the Divine Laws, we perfect the Balance to become the Guardian of these Divine Laws.

The search for Balance between the pairs of Constellar opposites allows to identify the Pathway to approach it in a bigger circle and step outside of the influence of the small self. Through Right Relations and Universal Laws, the birth chart of Life must be Interpreted, not counter clock-wise, but in the comprehension of the True Intention, to surpass oneself and to Reborn in the Being.

The Being gives Approval, the Balance. He is the Law. He is Love.

He doesn’t escape anymore and Focuses his work on what is Sacred, on Life-Energy from the World of Causes.

This is the Work of the Planetary Star.

Received by Catherine Janvier; translated by Yoann Vidor.

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