Life is cyclic and all cycles are of interest.

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 Life is cyclic and all cycles are of interest.

They are part of the great Cosmic Wheel, which evolves in response to Advances. It must be understood without any notion of real time, but rather with inner reflection given by the experience.

Endless experiment isn’t proportional to time but to human activity, which one day binds to Divine Action. A meditative phase stems from this union and for both to reflect the ONE, meditation imposes itself on the path for Service, innate to each and everyone.

Life is Active Contemplation without personal goal, where it is not required to act anymore but to interact instead, in a meditative alignment with the necessary vision for United Action between the parts which are just One.

Meditation stems from itself when the mind[1] doesn’t interfere anymore and let Unity pours forth and explain the Universal State we are living in.

For you will find here the Ability to Be and to convey the true dimensional Anthropometry of Life.

He who leaves behind his skills, his convictions and comes stripped of all that he has learnt in the Radiance of Life, is Rich. He who can let go of everything he knows may then break through the Beauty of Knowledge.

We all leave cycles behind us, and death is one representation of this. We must die to ourselves in order to re-evaluate in the next cycle our capacity to let go of everything to Serve the One Life dressed in our Beauty of Original Simplicity, relieved of the dyslexic and presumptuous mind[2] which leads to the perturbation of the beautiful Intuition and gets the relational Thread of Concordance out of order –the Thread of inner Correspondence.

Through the work of Unity, priority should be given to the Amalgam of the whole, which offers answers to he who seeks them –the true seeker who offers his treasures on the Altar of Life.

Nothing belongs to him. Nothing belongs.

In order for Richness of Life to emerge, personality must be stripped bare at each and every moment.


Received by Catherine Janvier; translated by Yoann Vidor.

[1] The mind  (Manas), the mental faculty

[2] idem

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