Life shall be understood with the Vision of Inclusiveness

Matsya protecting the Manu and the seven sages at the time of the last prayala25/01/15

Life shall be understood with the Vision of Inclusiveness.
Too many students still sacrifice themselves in the “I” of their personality, and then burn their wings if they don’t escape this compulsive circle…

Of course it is necessary, but you and I know that any Step demands transcendence towards the SELF Without Attributes.

In this case, no work may be carried out towards a Proportion of Unity if the student takes personal satisfaction. It leads to the process of limitation, and the Alignment ends up unbalanced.

If you are not careful to preserve the Axis of Purity of the Whole, you move out of the Channel of Inclusiveness and you remain with data that do not concern the Planetary Star.

The stripping off of personality that is asked can only be understood on a greater scale, with the Vision from Above, with the support of these great Constellar Lives, which are showing us the Way in the Reduction by Synthesis. They Work at the point of Equilibrium of the pairs of opposites and they transform he who is consciously addressing it in reality of Union, as a Whole, Planetary Star, with the Whole.

No Above or Below, just the Axis of Life.

Synthesis stems from experience and from the Crosses where you are on.

If you read me, if you hear me, always stay in Control of the Balance of the Whole in yourself, until you stop all the differences in order to accept the Non-Difference within this Heart Axis of Life.

Constant vigilance is required at all times, and the Balance point shall always be put forward to avoid the sclerosis caused by certitudes and by traditional traditions of Civilizations, where Nations’ satisfaction often get tangled up in personality.

Just like humans, Nations bear in themselves a Higher Value, which needs to emerge.

They will only reach it through the transcendence of the Individuals composing them and who must tend to an inclusive comprehension of their own goals.

This is to bring them to the Universal Point of Life of Reality and Light, and to work from there.

And become the INdividUNiversal.


received by Catherine JANVIER; translated by Yoann Vidor

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