Men are naturally endued with Cosmic Intelligence.


 Men are naturally endued with Cosmic Intelligence. They must go back to their own Source, which is connected to the Universal One, flowing from an Infinite Absolute. When man feeds himself in such a way, he feels the need to join the One Life Ensemble, the Open-ended Centrepiece, in order to mark the major milestones of his comprehension for the establishment of the Union of a Whole through Consciousness. What about these microscopic lives that must join the microcosmic ones? And what about the macroscopic lives that reach out towards the macrocosmic ones?

By means of Sacred Consciousness, man builds a Bridge between the upper and the lower, both being of equal importance because they are ONE. Man’s consciousness serves as the Antahkarana for younger lives and for the less-evolved kingdoms, which find in return a goal, a guiding Light to navigate the well-ordered maze of the Divine Life, revealing itself as the Luminous Darkness. This is how the Cleansing of Lands is done –through the comprehension of what is Sacred in each Life (Infinite Gift), conceived well before the Conception, since it exists in the Divine Idea. The illusory form is a veil hiding the Sacred ONE. When man is ready to step outside his own ‘I’, he may open his watchful Eye to pay heed to the Principle of Creation and make It noble through Sacred service towards Life.

As he discovers the Non-Difference, Divine Beauty initially amazes him; then, as he leaves this magnetic field, he decides deliberately to participate in the establishment and the restoration of the Sacredness of Life in Matter.

This is how each Life and each Kingdom is a Bridge for Life Itself and this is how man (who has interpreted this, since he is becoming the Process) can say “I Am That” –for he shall see the Divine in all Life, even that which he can not see yet or which exists in a non-manifested way.

The Planetary Star is a Sacred Star where individuality has no place anymore –rather, it is represented by the Individu-Universal. It is a group consciousness that must steer and move forward towards Subtleties of Inner Blossoming, bonding what should be.

To consider an active participation in a group consciousness already existing is to bring the Infinite to respond to it; it is a way to allow Openings of the Conscience more and more grounded in the ONE, in the Unity and the Unicity of Life.


(Received by Catherine Janvier; translated by Yoann Vidor)

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