The level of consciousness


The level of consciousness lies where the thought is.

The more still and free from the lower worlds thought is, the more consciousness opens to the compelling World of the Universal.

After dilution of its mental and emotional lands, a group consciousness engages in solving a panoramic ensemble of equations through the great evolving Lives of the Universal, represented by the stellar, planetary, solar and cosmic sky to which we belong when our ring-pass-not[1] allows it.

In this perspective of Unity set in accordance with above and below, the alignments of stars speak for themselves and set themselves in illuminated positioning depending on merging of consciousness.

A Planetary Star (a Group Unity) will grasp a set of information with more ease and rigor than a single and evolved, yet isolated, being will do –hence their inner desire to meet again with their brothers on the journey through Life (brothers who are not only in Matter Earth, but in every Life and in every Space).

Which concept of “Space” should be grasped here?

Not a distance, but rather a bond to be created between a Unit of Life and another, in order to unite with it, to merge into an Infinitesimal synthesis of ensemble, for we must move from the concept of differential to solving the equation of

ONE-clusiveness[2] of Life, by the reduction of Space of any kind, through the resolution of ONE. We must be this resolution through intensive use of the fair values of the Laws of Life and through fair relations with Life.

Driven by 
the Benevolence of inner Discipline, Life supplies us with its philosophical Geometry and reveals Universal philanthropic transactions with the sole aim of enriching Life with its Sacred Library.

The Space of inner Truth relentlessly continues on its road of Universal Interaction.



Received by Catherine Janvier; translated by Yoann Vidor.

[1] The limit of the field of activity of the central life force

[2] « UNtégralité » in French : ONE and (In)clusiveness

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