The ONE-interactivity of a Dharmic consciousness

Messages pour la Terre31/03/15

The ONE-interactivity of a Dharmic consciousness provides a balanced position within the Planetary Star, which thus can harmonize with other Planetary Stars in the Solar System.Did you think you were alone at the Center of this Structure of Light?

Resonances call to one another and Attraction is being set in motion.

Venus comes forth and addresses as ONE to the Earth’s Planetary Star through the vibration of the Higher Mental.

The august Purposes take the Essence in the Ideal Idea and work in the Depth of the Atoms linked together.

The Solar System is a wonderful Hemicycle where the Universal Assembly sits, based upon the Overall Action leading to the Reunification of the Sacred.

Venus, a Sacred Planet, raises the Earth’s Planetary Star to the vibration of comprehension of the evolution of the mind, leading to an observation of the sources, which unveil as soon as the mind Recognizes its Universality as ONE.

Earth is not at the centre of its zodiac anymore and man can learn his likeness, then his Identity from this Formation made with Riches of Reunited Life as ONE.


(Received by Catherine Janvier; translated by Yoann Vidor)

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