Maitreya messages pour la Terre Amour Union16/08/14

The Presence of the ONE is in the Other. Thus, when the Light pierces the beings, there is no reason why they shouldn’t be the ONE walking on Earth.
It is a priori a very simple reasoning, but it requires specific adjustments, because it is not about reason anymore, but about deep resonance that fits into all beings touched by this Evidence.
Yes, I am indeed talking about Evidence, for at this stage of understanding, you can no longer exist without this deep Conviction. You have become the Conviction, Its Depth and All that It includes, all that It is.
It is neither you, nor me who is pushing you to move forward. It’s It, Deep Conviction, far too beautiful to be idealised. It remains the ONE-permanent Ideal, achievable through the fruit of man’s consciousness work.
This necessity to open to the ONE, to Unity and its Gift of communication passing through every Life and every Kingdom of Nature, then becomes a continuous search, which, even so, must be stripped of any attachment, gift or even Vision given by the ONE, for behind It stands another one that (should it remain free) will allow forever the quality of a common and universal work.
By this, I mean that the exceptional quality of each one is the inner Richness that must be poured back into the ONE vibrating in All, including in the Vacuum (Concentrate of Absolute), which manifests Its Presence by Incommensurable Silence –resulting in the worlds of the man open to the significance of a Single Probability, where the Voice of the Sages has already spoken, where the Sages are reopening the Path to Universal Communication.
One and One has never made two.
Forever and ever, The ONE, Heritage of my Life, has made me who I Am and this Deep Conviction brings me today towards you, to extend this Will of Universal recognition into you.
For the Unity of Life won’t be achieved without Its Totality, the Great Totality of the Created and Non-Created Worlds.


Received by Catherine Janvier; translated by Yoann Vidor

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